FAST's Fresh Air System - Cooler Than the Rest

Product Description: F.A.S.T. is the premier in driver air and core body cooling. All of our FAST products are available a la cart at our store We have Cool Pack systems that bring cold, filtered air to your helmet and Cool Suit Systems that bring core cooling to your shirt and/or cold filtered air to your helmet.  Whatever system you choose, you are sure to run your race cooler than you’ve ever been!

We use the finest components available such as medical grade fittings, leak resistant coolers, high output air hose, un oiled filters, our own aluminum housings, and give you the most options on how cool you want to be!

Fresh Air System Key Components

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Advantage #1

F.A.S.T. uses medical grade CPC fittings (shirt, water hose and cooler) so that you know you have the best fittings on the market.


Advantage #2

F.A.S.T. has more cooling coverage on every shirt than any other cooling company!


Advantage #3

F.A.S.T. heat exchangers are finned aluminum (pack the ice around it) to allow for the most temperature drop available.

What are you waiting for?

Faster, Cooler, Stronger

Our Pro Level FA1213 Cool Suit System will keep you cooler than any other. It comes complete:

  • Cooler plumbed with 360GPH pump and medical grade fittings
  • F.A.S.T.’s own insulated extruded foam water hose with medical inner hose and medical fittings
  • Aluminum mounting pan with foam pad and strap
  • Timer to set up to allow your ice to last twice as long when set to run every 5 minutes

FAST Cools All Your Cylinders!

Whatever your style of racing, FAST has your cooling needs covered! Air to the helmet, cooling for the body… We will help you get there and cooler!

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