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Valeria Thompson - 7X Land Speed Record Holder

Hey FAST drivers... This is what our customers have to say about us...

Hi Jill,
Hope all is well. Wanted to give you an update on how great my FAST cooling shirt works... It's so awesome and I love it! Here are a few pictures from last test session. We leave tomorrow for the salt again.

Valerie Thompson - 7X Land Speed Record Holder

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F.A.S.T and the NP01

F.A.S.T. partners with the National Auto Sport Association and Elan Motorsports

F.A.S.T. has partnered with the National Auto Sport Association and Elan Motorsports to offer F.A.S.T. Cool Suits and Helmet Blowers as optiosn on Elan’s new NP01 Prototype. Featuring a 185-horsepower Mazda MZR 2.0-liter engine and a sequential gearbox in the lightweight chassis, the NP01 offers drivers a true closed-top prototype driving experience without breaking the bank.

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Elan has built 22 NP01s so far and seven buyers so far have checked the options box on the order sheet for a F.A.S.T. setup. That has included both a F.A.S.T. Remote Intake Blower and Cooler with outputs for both helmet air and Cool Suit water.

Hopping in your freshly built NP01 for a run? Just plug the water hose from the cooler into your F.A.S.T. Cool Shirt, hook up the blower venting to your helmet, and leave the racing heat for the tires.

Two NP01s entered the 2015 25 Hours of Thunderhill with the lead car qualifying 10th overall behind cars that cost twice as much or more. NASA will offer an NP Series in 2017, giving time for competitors to take delivery of the cars and turn the tires in 2016.

If you’re considering a run in the NP Series with the Elan NP01, be sure to order yours with a F.A.S.T. system so you can keep cool.

Read more about the NP01 here: nasaprototype.com.

Our Feature Distributor: OGRacing

We have worked with Jill at Fresh Air Systems for over 15 years. We've always been impressed with the excellent quality shown throughout the product line, and look forward to personable and friendly service that we receive from Jill and her team. Communication and a friendly attitude are some of the most important trademarks of excellent customer service, and FAST has never let us down on either!

OG-Racing was founded on the intent of "Making Racers Safer," and has been committed to that goal for over 25 years. From our full line of racing suits, to the latest helmets and neck protection, we're constantly striving to make sure the latest technology is keeping you safe.

Black Horse Racing

A Message from Chad - Black Horse Racing:

"I wanted to thank Fresh Air Systems Technologies for the air and water cooling system in the Ferrari Challenge race car.  Black Horse Racing participated in the FORZA Challenge Tifosi race series with Challenge Club Racing at Road America June 2015.  The race was alongside the Pirelli World Challenge and Maserati Trofeo race series.  It was a fun filled, action packed, and exciting weekend.  I came home with my first podium finish win in the FORZA Challenge Tifosi and the FAST system helped to make that possible."
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"I have an autoimmune disease and do not tolerate heat stress as well as I used to.  The physical stressors in a race car can be quite challenging and anything that can mitigate heat and perspiration to improve concentration and reaction performance is a tremendous benefit.  CCR is a gentleman’s amateur racing series and sometimes you don’t think of cooling suits for these types of events. But I can tell you that it made a HUGE difference and would recommend to anyone. 

The system was very effective at cooling my body thru the new Alpha Polo cooling shirt.  Compared to other shirts I have tried, this material is thin and fire resistant, so it can be worn all day without changing.  The fit is true to size and the extra cooling loops up along the neck were very comfortable.  The cycle timer was needed to reduce cycle times as the shirt and system is so effective at cooling that it does not need to run continuously.

Filtered and cooled air was probably even more important than the shirt.  It made the difference between a sweaty and hot helmet and a comfortable dry helmet at the conclusion of the race. 

Upon the podium finish, the tech inspection was done to verify the cars conforming to the rules.  Our race went almost 4 minutes longer than planned so we were a tiny bit lighter on fuel than we anticipated.  We made minimum weight by only 3 pounds.  If I did not have the FAST system in place, we would have been underweight by a couple of pounds. 

Thanks again to FAST for being part of my first Ferrari Challenge podium finish.  I look forward to many more comfortable sessions with my FAST cooling system." 

- Chad